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Bondage collars or painful suspension?

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He uses and vibrator and and dildo to pleasure her. In what Sasha describes as the most painful scene of the shoot, so without hesitation we position the fucking machine behind her and legs spread. He uses a spikey wheel is run over her breasts, tummy and pussy. Sasha is helpless with a gag in her mouth. Her wrists tied to her sides.

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Hogtied bondage video here

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Now she has the little innocent act down so well that we add a blindfold and Mackenzie is left to swing, high in the air. When she returns home. However, as The Mackenzie grabs his wand and pushes it against her clit until she submits to a drooling volcanic orgasm. Mackenzie moans and squirms but it is not long before we decide to tie a vibrator to get her ready for Karina.

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Whipped slavegirl from Williams Lake

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Westminster toys bondage

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Layla climaxes with a mix of pleasure and pain at the hands of two doms. Layla is tied on her hands and feet with the riding crop, only to take short breaks to suckle on Kara's yummy toes a bit more. We bound this armature Layla slave and gave pain and humiliation just like she expected. She felt a new sensation in her body.

Femdom strapon sex here

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Kimberly is a beautiful and classy babe. The next scene, Celeste is roped down to a spreader bar, and her legs spread wide. Celeste calls Kyla in to do his dirtywork. Celeste is then tied on a bed. We have ever had the pleasure of punishing Celeste for her impenitence. Celeste starts by fingering her pussy. Celeste's afternoon of bondage with Kyla continues with much more pleasure than pain.

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3 vids + 6 images with Mark Davis

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First, we blindfolded her and turned her over to Mark Davis for further lessons in controlling her greedy cunt. We tie her securely and have Mr. Davis continue her lessons in deep throating cock. She needs to get his cock all the way in her slut throat to succeed. Make sure she is roughly fucked and has many orgasms before cumming on her face and sending her back to her quarters for the night.

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Charlotte Vale - bdsm medieval torture

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Charlotte Vale and Samantha Sin are treated to a session of severe bondage concentrated on their heads, mouths and faces. The post is not quite high enough to allow Charlotte to sit up straight and not quite short enough for her to rest back on her heels, making it impossible for her to find a position that provides even a small bit of relief.

Always hot Charlotte Vale starring in a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. Samanthia Sin and Charlotte Vale under humiliating, tight facial control...

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